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Drought Watch...It's not a matter of if, but when.
Drought Watch Campaign
Analysis of Draining Lake Powell [PDF file]
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Why was Glen Canyon Dam Built?
What lies under "Lake Powell"?
Historic opposition to Glen Canyon Dam
What about hydroelectric loss?
What about the water supply?
What about the sediment?
Why are people concerned about dam safety?
What about the recreation economy?
Dam safety concerns
Decommissoning timetable/costs


January 5, 2014
World News
Colorado River Drought Forces a Painful Reckoning for States

December 22, 2013
Regional News
Feds begin Colorado River drought action

December 12, 2013
Regional News
Low Water Threatens Glen Canyon Hydro Production

October 13, 2013
LR in the News
What Will The Future Hold For Glen Canyon Dam Glen Canyon Dam full of use & conflict after 50-years

September 19, 2013
Regional News
Colorado River Hydropower Faces A Dry Future

August 7, 2013
Regional News
Las Vegas Water Chief Seeks Disaster Aid For Colorado River Drought

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